“We cannot raise our children – all we can do is give them an attitude toward life!”

About the author

Brief bio and other superficialities

The author, Danny Richter, was born in Leipzig in 1973. He attended the special class for musical education at the Pforta boarding school in Schulpforte until 1990. This is the same traditional school that, many decades before him, had also been attended by Nietzsche, Klopstock and Fichte. After moving to West Germany, he dropped out of high school and saved his career with a commercial apprenticeship.
Even in his twenties, he was a writer for a variety of comedy formats, comedy artists and numerous projects, or as a ghostwriter for students who had money but no desire to write. He has been working as an actor and presenter since 1996 and celebrated his 25th anniversary on stage in 2021. At the beginning of this time, he worked for almost ten years for a theater for children and teens in the Ruhr region of Germany.
Various longer sojourns abroad in Europe and Australia enriched his human, linguistic and culinary experience. He has also worked as a trainer for sales and communication since 2008, showing participants how to combine language with emotions and emotions with language. His daughter was born the same year and repeatedly teaches him new lessons in the field of love, tolerance and all the things one can inherit.

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